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5 Creative Photoshoot Ideas to Try at Home


If you don’t feel ready to go out in the real world and practice your photography skills or are just stuck at home, don’t despair. There are plenty of great and creative photoshoot ideas that you can try out without leaving your living room. It’s a great way to gain some new skills and up your creative side before stepping out. Let’s dive right in and check out five creative photoshoot ideas to try at home.


Natural Light

You can take photographs in natural light both indoors and outdoors. Regardless of your choice, natural light is an excellent idea that you can implement as soon as the sun rises. Another great thing about natural light photography is that you don’t need a lot of equipment. All you need is a subject, your camera, and some space.


Portraits are a great choice for natural light, so you can start practicing on your partner, roommate, or sibling — you can even get a HoneyBook contract template for them to sign. Remember to look for a suitable light source, for example, a large window. Think about how you can use it for most of your scenes and keep the rest simplistic and clean.


Another great way to take advantage of natural light when you live alone is to photograph food. It might not sound as engaging as photographing people, but you’re in for some great photographs. You can take some shots to demonstrate your exceptional culinary skills or simply order in and snap a few gorgeous natural light photos.

Splash Photography

If you want to step out of your comfort zone and you’re not afraid to make a bit of a mess, then splash photography is your next step. If you haven’t dabbled in splash photography before, you’ll be surprised how little it goes into making the perfect picture. All you’ll need is one light, some diffusion material, and whichever liquid you prefer.

Water might be the most obvious choice, and it will make the least amount of mess, but some photographers might not find it challenging enough. If you’re one of them, opt for wine or milk to add more depth to your photographs. You can even add glasses and other products for more effective shots.

Still Life

If you want to test your creativity, still-life photography is the answer. You might not have been expecting this, but still-life photography will test your camera skills and angles more than any other type of photography you can try at home. What’s more, you won’t need a lot to get started.

If you want to start from the bottom, we suggest photographing something simple, like an egg. This is a great test to see how creative you can get with a subject as simple as an egg. Or take any other object in the house and challenge yourself to see how many different shots you can come up with. This will help test your skills and push you a step further.

One Light Photography

Messing with light might seem intimidating to many photographers, whether experienced ones or beginners. Even if you think you can only get great results using multiple lights, we suggest trying our one light tip. All you need to do is focus on controlling the light.

The idea is to use less equipment and end up with high-level professional photography. You might need a set of reflectors in addition to your one light, as well as some mirrors and flags that you can use to control your light further. You can take advantage of long exposure if you want to get a bit more creative.

Use Props for Backdrops

Since you’re at home, you’ll have many props at your disposal that you can use to create amazing work. Think about using bedsheets as a backdrop — you won’t find an easier DIY project. You can hang it up or even use other furniture to hold the sheet in place.

You can similarly use newspapers. Collect your old papers and tape them to a wall to create a breathtaking backdrop that will add depth and creativity to the photos. You can even take some old pictures and memories for a nostalgic photoshoot. This way, your background will be teeming with interesting stories and make whoever or whatever your muse is stand out even more.