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6 Things Every Fashion and Design Student Should Know to Succeed


Design is one of the most competitive and rewarding industries on the planet. Therefore, any design student who aspires to be successful has to put in the time and energy. In the design industry, students have to embark on an artistic journey that will allow them to explore everything and thrive in the workplace. At the start, things can get challenging. However, some opportunities will help you develop the essential skills needed as a designer. If you are a design student who wants to have an edge over your colleagues, here are six great tips that you can use today to promote yourself.


Get organized

Like most successful designers, you need to be well-organized. You have to detail everything that you aspire to stay on top of things and achieve your goals. One of the best ways to do this is by using a calendar. A calendar will help you track all your project processes and objectives. This is important because listing them in a specific order will make it difficult for you to fall behind or miss out on essential assignments. If you are overwhelmed with your schedule or having a hard time beating deadlines, you should consider seeking help from professional essay writers who can work on fashion assignments.

All you have to do is find an essay writing service to help you meet your deadlines. This will require you to conduct extensive research on various writing services to find the best one that offers value for money. To succeed in the world of fashion, you need to learn to stay on top of things to avoid submitting assignments and tests late. How you handle your assignments and tests in school is the same way you are going to handle your clients in your career. Therefore, you need to train yourself as early as you can.


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As we said earlier, design is one of the most demanding and competitive industries in the world. Therefore, you need to set your priorities straight if you want to succeed in this field. Learning how to prioritize starts with simple things such as knowing when to relax and have fun and when to study and work on your assignments. You need to spend most of your time developing and sharpening your skills so that you can complete various projects quickly. And find time for leisure activities such as gardening and socializing.

Prioritizing applies to both managing subjects and projects. You must determine subjects that need your attention most so that you can expend most of your energy on them. By doing this, you’ll have the ability to manage your time effectively and get a few hours every day to improve your performance.

Give yourself enough time

Similar to preparing for a test, you cannot complete your projects and assignments overnight. You need to realize that projects and assignments will be handed out in advance and they’ll require a specified frame of time to complete them.

When it comes to scheduling, ensure that you give yourself enough time. Most people tend to overestimate the time needed to complete a project. And they end up taking more than they can handle and getting stressed out and overwhelmed. Give all your projects the right amount of time. If you manage to complete them before the deadline, you’ll be free to engage in your leisure activities.

When you become a professional designer, you’ll realize that using the overestimation technique will save you a lot of time and stress since you’ll be required to focus on the details to boost your effectiveness.


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Build a network

All students who want to leave an indelible mark on the fashion industry have to focus on building a network. This is because networking allows you to pool expertise and resources to your advantage. Fashion and design are some of the most diverse industries in the world. Once you get into this industry, you’ll always need assistance from professionals in other fields. Therefore, you need to build a network of individuals to have partners who can help you start your career smoothly.


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Don’t take criticism personally

Every successful designer knows how to take criticism. And so should you. In this industry, you are going to get different reactions from individuals. However, you should not take anything personally. After all, criticism is supposed to help you work harder. Once you know how to handle criticism, you’ll always get up despite what you encounter in your line of work.

Invest in your portfolio

You should always prioritize building your portfolio. Take your time to identify your strengths and weaknesses. And get organized when picking components that you should include in your portfolio. This will allow you to select specific works that you can showcase to experts in the industry.


Every aspiring designer dreams of making it big. However, only a few make it. To join the few, you need to set clear goals, get organized, and follow what the experts tell you. Most importantly, stay focused and calm. And everything will work out for you.



William Nunez