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How to Find and Download a Slots App That’s Worth Your Time

You don’t need to go to the casino to play the slots, all it takes is a good app on your phone and you can get up to some gambling fun from anywhere. The ability to play casino games, like slots, on mobile devices is letting people play at their leisure which is a lot more enjoyable.


One of the best parts of playing slots apps isn’t just the playing part, it’s the fact there are so many options for you to choose from. Picking the right app is important because it can be the difference between an enjoyable time and a bad one. Here are some tips on how to find one worth your time.

1. Number of Games Offered

A good way to determine which slots app is worth your time is to figure out how many games it has. Not all slots are the same, as many have different rules on spins and different requirements to win so you need to compare and download slots apps to see which one works for you. The more diverse the listing of games (and not just slots) will give you more replayability.

2. Deposit Bonuses

Some slots apps will offer a deposit bonus which can help you potentially earn some “free” money for your first time playing. These deposit bonuses can range anywhere from $10 to $1000 depending on the app and depending on how much you deposit. It is not a requirement to find a slots app that offers this kind of deal, but it would foolish to turn down some free plays. That’s another thing too, that not all deposit bonuses are matching your wagers, it can be in the form of free rounds of play as well, which is obviously a good extra to find in a slot app.

3. Fees

The biggest thing that turns people off to gambling or game apps is the fees. It can be a real kicker to deposit money only for a fee to take some of the money away. Naturally, a fee makes sense because the app developers and people who run the service need a cut as well, but ridiculous fees with higher percentages cut into how much you can play. Finding a slot app that has low to little fees is a good way to stretch your dollar as far as possible because who knows, that money could end up making you nice winnings.

4. Deposit Options

The best kind of slots apps have a wide range of deposit options. Financing or paying for plays should allow you to pick and choose from a wide range of choices, and the most common are credit cards. The most common are Mastercard and VISA, but there are plenty of other deposit options you can use on good slots apps.


Digital wallet and money transfer services, like Skrill or Neteller, offer simplified solutions for people who need more flexibility to deposit into their accounts. Find a good app that supports multiple deposit options so it can fit your needs.

5. Platform Support

There are usually two kinds of platforms that apps run on, Android and iOS. These two phone operating systems dominate the market so nearly all apps work for them, but if you are one of the few people who use a separate kind of platform, you want good support. Many different phone manufacturers will use those OS’s, but if you like to play on a tablet, you might want to check your app first to see if it supports that. The different versions of the app may have different features that you need to check.

6. Payout Rate

The payout rate, or speed, is another good thing to look into with the prospective slots app of your choosing. Some apps can payout quickly, as short as 1 day, while some take a few, around 3-4. These are normal payout speeds and help you get your winnings quickly. Some apps can be notoriously slow with their payouts which seems fishy and could scare you off. This is a good inclination to find one that is more reliable just in case your winnings end up stuck in limbo, making it harder to get ahold of.

Choosing the right app to play slots can be the difference between a fantastic gaming experience and a really poor one. Using this advice, you can help yourself find the one that will give you that fun time and make it worth your while.