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Latest Trends in Casino Game Design

While the online casino industry in Poland has expanded slowly but steadily in the past two decades, the market has boomed in light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, which has kept millions of people at home with pretty much nothing to do but entertain themselves online.


Guest author Jacek Michałski looks at how online casino game design has changed in recent years and what we can expect going forward. To find out more about Jacek Michałski, click here.

Casino Game Design

The Polish gambling industry has attempted to keep pace with this increased demand by introducing innovative and exciting features to their gaming products to maintain their explosive growth.

iGaming operators in Poland have recognized that if they want to compete in this lucrative market, they need to innovate and provide players with the latest games and gaming technology. Tech innovations have cropped up regularly among online casinos and the top casino developers have been quick to embrace them.

Just take a look at the field of online casino website design. In previous decades, all you needed to do to have an online casino was a basic web template that can handle casino games. Nowadays, online casinos in Poland are eager to separate themselves from competitors by adding more new features, including fresh casino designs and layouts that appeal even to casual gamers.

In this article, we take a look at four of the hottest trends in casino game design today:

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) has long been trumpeted as the next gaming innovation, but lots of gamers found previous VR gaming devices to be expensive and unwieldy.

Fortunately, as VR devices become cheaper and more convenient for more users to access, VR gaming is once again on the rise in the online gambling world. Netent, one of the biggest casino game developers, has released their VR game Jack and the Beanstalk. This is probably the most immersive casino game to date.

The game is currently in high demand among online casinos. As more players flock to such games, don’t be surprised if VR casino games become the next big gambling craze.

There are certain markets like the Polish online casino market that are really huge into gaming innovation. Players from Poland are very eager to test out new games like the ones found at Casino Energy. This is why a lot of casino developers targeting the EU countries like Poland are always eager to introduce new games that keep players engaged and coming back for more.

Social Network Gaming

The ubiquity of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter means that millions of people are constantly connected to one another. In the past, gamers had to install the same game to be able to play together online.

Nowadays, with the rise of simple HTML5 games online, gaming together with friends over the internet is as simple as plug and play. Even if one of your friends is as casual as can be, the difficulty of joining a game is the lowest it’s been in years.

Just log onto Facebook or any other social network and you can play with friends. Online casinos have followed this strategy by moving away from native app downloads, choosing instead to make their casino games as accessible as possible, with as little work as possible to play, allowing players to access games directly from their internet browser.

Live Dealer Games

Previously, one of the key advantages of the land-based casino industry is its ability to host a great social experience for Polish punters. No matter how much of an introvert you are, you can’t deny how nice it is for your favourite dealer or a fellow player to congratulate you on a huge win.

Online casinos have begun to eat away at the inherent advantage of land-based casinos in this regard. With the use of high-speed internet access that allows for live streams of dealers in game studios, online casino players can now interact with live dealers – as well as other players – from the comfort of their own home.

Live dealer games online aren’t just basic casino-style table games. Online casinos in Poland now have a leg up over their brick and mortar counterparts by way of the newfangled interactive game show genre of live casino games.

In such games, players take on the role of a contestant, similar to how many TV game shows work. This is more than just gambling but is actually a really cool experience that very few people had access to, prior to these games’ mass release.


Gambling online has always been a sketchy activity for most laypersons. Top online casinos are making crypto options part of their casino design and offering.

As cryptocurrency becomes more popular, many of the pain points that land-based casino players give for not migrating online becomes moot. If you are concerned about your financial data leaking online or fear that your credit card might be suspended by your bank, you can use cryptocurrency to conceal your activities from all prying eyes.


Expect these four trends to continue to get stronger in the next 12 months, especially in the area of innovative casino games in Poland.