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Benefits of Using DMV API for Data Verification

DMV data verification involves running an ID card or a driver’s license through the DMV data of a state. The service parses the data that was scanned from the ID and sends the information to the DMV database to determine whether the information matches what is available in the system. If the information is the same, you are notified that their database data matches the scan. However, if the information is not the same, the system gives an unmatched result. You will choose another method of verification or choose to scan the ID with an ID authentication hardware and software solution.  


Any ID issued by DMV, such as driving permits, ID cards, and driver’s licenses, can be counterfeited or altered. DMV data verification allows users to verify that the data in IDs presented is the same as the data in the jurisdiction that issued it. With DMV data verification checks, you can validate a person’s identity by scanning their driver’s license. You will be in a position to prevent any fraudulent behavior. 

Benefits of a DMV API 

 1. Accurate Verification Method

Several traditional methods you can employ to catch a fake ID visually. However, DMV API provides a more effective and accurate way of assessing whether an ID is authentic. DMV checks help prevent various kinds of fraud. Moreover, they provide up-to-date analysis.  

You can rely on DMV data verification. This is because a government official source backs the information. You can be assured that the information is accurate, legitimate, and reliable.  

 2. Real-Time Checks

There is nothing more convenient in today’s world than getting the results you are looking for in a fast, reliable manner. After all, you have a busy schedule and need to accomplish a lot within a specific time. With DMV data verification services, you get real-time data to identify documents that have been scanned. 

The checks allow you to verify information in a matter of seconds. Typically, there isn’t much wait time. This is because there is no manual labor of imputing information in the system and removing keystroke errors. The data automation from scanning the ID barcode provides 100% information every time in less than a second.  

3. Decreased Fraud 

There is no silver bullet when it comes to identity verification. Your business must employ different strategies to stand a chance of catching imposters. By doing so, the company will reduce the risk of fraud to a great extent.  

DMV verification is among the best ways of ensuring you are combating fraud. Ensure you understand data verification, its limitations, and scenarios where they are helpful for the best results. You will be on your way to eliminating fraud and ensuring that your organization is protected.

4. Customization

In a world driven by API, your business can perform dual goals. It can meet ID verification rules and provide a better onboarding experience for the customer. DMV APIs allow for a certain level of customization with faster integration with partners. As more firms become comfortable with SaaS and public cloud offerings, they can scale up and down as their data requirements ebb and flow.  

5. Easy Integration

 You can integrate DL integration API with very little support. Your business can start onboarding in a matter of days. In most cases, there will be no third-party interference.  

There are thousands of APIs in the market. Therefore, there is a high possibility that your onboarding software has options to integrate with APIs. You will get advanced ID verification abilities up and running quickly.  

6. Efficiency 

Using DMV API for data verification enhances the efficiency of your business. You get quality data during onboarding, enabling you to finalize accounts faster. As a result, you save your customers from long needless waits.  

7. Scalability

The goal of having a business is to ensure it generates profits and grows to desired levels. With software as a service and cloud deployments, you will not find yourself drowning in data requirements. Your company will also use familiar systems and reduce compliance professionals’ learning curve.  


DMV data verification checks have many benefits. Yet, there are a few shortcomings with the checks. It would be best to note that not every state participates in the process. States like California, Nevada, Louisiana, Utah, South Carolina, and New York only allow government agencies to access their databases.  

Other states like West Virginia and Minnesota are in the process of enabling DMV data verification. You will also do verification in Oklahoma, New Hampshire, and Alaska sooner rather than later.  

DMV data verification also confirms that the information on the driver’s license matches the database. But it cannot satisfy whether the person with the permit is the photo owner and if the signature matches. However, the verification can prevent many fraudulent cases and verify the legitimacy of the ID.