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The Best Way To Develop An Effective Email Signature And The 5 Best Tools For Its Use

Many people are so busy writing subject lines, creating perfect email copy, and adding various images to them that they forget that the end of the email is also significant. In email marketing, these endings are your email signature, your ally in achieving high results. However, creating a working signature can be a complex process. It would help if you considered several applications, including a free email signature creator, to see the results. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps and best practices for a free email signature maker and 5 free and paid email signature generators for your following email to create an effective signature.


What is an email signature?

The email signature will appear at the bottom of the email. At this point, we thank our readers for their time and provide the following:

  • Personal and professional data: first and last name, profession, purpose, and mystery;
  • Contact information: phone, social network buttons;
  • Actionable: A banner or call to action.

What is the difference between an email signature and an email footer?

The main difference between signatures and footers is that email signatures are used when employees, CEOs, co-founders, or individuals send messages. This signature contains the company name and important marketing information. The best email signatures take up little space, images, text, links, etc. They should be as informative as possible to achieve two goals:

  • Provide vital information to learn more about you and your company;
  • Attract customers through well-designed and relevant marketing actions.

Thus, a good email signature is easy to read and does not overload the recipient with too much information. You want people to contact you, so make it easy for them. Add contact numbers and social media links. Success in simplicity.

How to create a professional email signature?

Here are the steps you can follow to create the perfect email signature.

1. Gather information and set goals

When you sit down to create an email signature, you first must decide what you want to achieve with this email signature. For example, your goal is to get people to contact you or register for various events. Once you’ve decided, think about what resources you want to include. These include logos/images, links, banners, graphics, etc.

2. Experiment with different elements to create variations. Experiment with various color palettes, font sizes, styles, and graphics to see which have the most impact and readability. This step can be time-consuming and requires an optimal design to achieve your specific goal.

3. Collect the details. It’s time to assemble the items we made in the previous step. First, consider the format of your email signature (file size). The recommended file size is 100 KB, and the optimal size for a full email signature is approximately 300-600 pixels wide and 150-200 pixels high. Another essential part is organizing the elements to create a visual hierarchy, which means that the most important aspects should stand first and out. In addition, the call to action must be recognizable and understandable to the final recipient.

4. Review the email signature and ask for feedback. Once you’ve created your signature, you must ensure it looks good and does its job. You can ask the opinion of colleagues and friends, and we offer different perspectives and suggestions to make your signature more attractive and attention-grabbing. Always check your email signature before sending it to ensure it looks good and is delivered correctly. You can create a creative email. However, you can create your signature in Gmail and Outlook. These services (Gmail and Outlook) are the second most popular email clients, so you will have a professional signature.

How to create an email signature in Gmail?

Steps to create an email signature in Gmail:

Open your Gmail.

Then tap Settings > View All Settings.

Access to signing options. You can then format the message by adding various images, text, animations, and other marketing stuff.

You can add up to 10,000 characters to your email signature in Gmail. Also, Gmail allows multiple signatures in one email account.

How to create an email signature in Outlook?

To create an email signature in Outlook, you must:

First, go to Settings > View all Outlook settings at the bottom of the page.

Then select Mail> Write & Reply.

Add your signature to the email signature and use the formatting options to edit and change its appearance.

Note. Only one signature per email account is allowed.

Then you will see two different options.

Automatically add your email signature to new emails.

Automatically add a signature to emails you send or reply to.

You can choose accordingly. However, if you don’t select these options, you can manually add your signature to selected messages.

When finished, select Save.

If you need to add it to all your email settings automatically, don’t worry. You can add it manually later.

Go to your inbox and create a draft email.

Then enter your message and at the bottom of the creation window, select Additional actions > Add email signature.

Select Send when the email is ready.

Attractive design ideas for an email signature that you can use

Here are some email signature templates you can use.

Idea 1. A signature without a banner

A professional email can set you apart when communicating with your internal team. You can clone and add this email signature template to your emails.

Idea 2. Let customers know about your rebranding

You can use your email signature to notify customers of your rebrand by adding a banner ad like this email signature template.

Idea 3. Advertising of upcoming events

A signature is a great way to announce upcoming events. Since the event banner appears last, it doesn’t turn your email into a selling point and helps give your customers a great experience without creating a hassle.

Idea 4. Add a link to your portfolio to the email signature

A portfolio link in your email will impress your audience whether you’re applying for a job or looking for a job opening. A signature with a link to the portfolio will always be helpful.

The best methods of creating email signatures

We have listed several practical tips that should be considered when creating an email signature. Let your email signature be simple. The reader should be able to understand and remember it easily. Only add a few informational details. The signature consists of 3-5 lines.

Make your email signature responsive. Your email signature should be compatible with all devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. Most email signatures are optimized for desktops but don’t create signatures larger than 295 pixels for mobile devices. So, make an email signature considering the device’s maximum width.

Add a backup version. If your email client supports HTML, it also supports email signatures. If your client doesn’t support HTML but does support rich text, it’s essential to have a backup version. With the help of an email signature with a call to action, you can add attractive text to the landing page of your customers.

If you’re adding an image, add alt text. When using a banner as a call-to-action, add compelling alt text and encourage users to take action if they can’t see the image. Make your social media buttons look great. Use one file size for all social media icons. For maximum compatibility, use PNG or JPEG file formats. Optimize email signatures for dark mode. Use the following method to make your email signature stand out unclearly: Use the email wizard to create email signatures that look great in an unclear way.

Test the created email signature

Create variations of your email signature based on font size, color, call-to-action placement, social media links, and more. Then you can test different versions and see which one works best. Usually, the frequency of opening the letter and clicking is measured.

What to avoid when creating email signatures?

Here are three things that can make your email signature look unprofessional. Therefore, avoid the following:

Incorrect fonts and colors. Avoid too many fonts, sizes, and colors. Too many different fonts and bright colors can make an email signature look unprofessional and unreliable.

Avoid inspirational quotes. Adding an inspirational quote may or may not impact the recipient, and if the context is inappropriate, it may be unnecessary and irrelevant. So when adding an offer, make sure you have a buyer. Otherwise, it is better to avoid such quotes.

Avoid captioning your life stories. Your email signature tells the recipient who you are and how to contact you. You can write about the only part of your life that will mislead the buyer. If you plan to showcase your work, we recommend adding links to your social media and current portfolio.

Email signature generator (free and paid)

Read on for a list of the best email signature tools that will go a long way in helping you create a consistent email signature for your brand and make a lasting impression on your audience.

№1. Terminus

Terminus is one of the most successful tools for creating email signatures, actively used by marketers worldwide to create branded email signatures. This tool has been named the best software provider for creating an effective email signature. Unlike traditional email signatures that add business animations, graphics, and calls to action, Terminus goes a step further and allows you to add banner ads to your email signature to encourage recipients to take specific actions. Customize your banner for each ad to increase conversions. You can also integrate the tool with your email system, marketing and sales automation tools, and CRM.

№2. Wisestamp

Wisestamp is another popular email signature generator mentioned in the G2 2022 report. The email signature generator is free, but advanced features are available in paid plans starting at $5.80 per month. With Wisestamp, you can enhance your email signature by adding YouTube links, quotes, marketing information, photo galleries, and more. In addition to ready-to-use templates, Wisestamp also offers various ready-to-use call-to-action emails that you can add to save time and effort.

№3. Newoldstamp

Newoldstamp is the most effective email signature management tool for mid-sized companies, large enterprises, and teams in all industries. Your group can create stunning email signatures in minutes without technical or design skills. In addition, full automation and integration with Google Workspace make it one of the best tools for creating a creative email signature.

№4. Mail signature

Mail signature is a free, easy-to-use tool that helps you create creative email signatures with a high conversion rate. Choose from available templates and email platforms, and add all the details you need, including personal and business information, CTAs, graphics, and more. It also includes helpful tips and a how-to page to help create an email signature that appeals to your target buyer.

№5. Hubspot

One of Hubspot’s many free tools, Email Signature Generator, will help you create beautiful email signatures. The tool is easy to use and offers ready-to-use templates for creating creative email signatures to get you started. Use the navigation bar on the left to switch between the different sections.