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How To Effectively Build Sales On Instagram

Among the variety of social networks, the focus of entrepreneurs narrows to the classic version, Instagram. The leading position of this social network is determined by the wide possibilities of content packaging, the variety of advertising tools, and the quick returns. Therefore, positioning your brand on this platform is one of the most powerful sources of customers for the business. But very often with a successful promotion shell entrepreneurs have no real results in the form of sales, requests, and profits. In this article, we will consider the mechanics that will help you to more effectively build sales on Instagram and increase the financial indicators.


Comprehension of the sales cycle

In order not to build illusions and false expectations in promotion, it is important to understand the deal cycle in your project. Social networks are not the place where people come up with a specific target request. Even if you have a perfect profile design, advertising, and sales scripts, most people will not buy from you right away. The transaction cycle for each project will be individual. If you provide beauty salon services, promote a clothing store or cafe, the cycle of warming up the audience will be 2-4 weeks. If you provide more complex services: repair, design, or construction, then the decision-making cycle can take 2-6 months. Therefore, your main task is not to lose customers during this period and make sure they do not go to competitors. 

Think through in advance which transaction cycle people have to go through before they buy a product, training material, or consultation from you. Based on this information create a detailed plan of interaction with the client and sales scripts. Building trust and forming relationships with potential customers is best done with content marketing. Keep a record of all leads from Instagram separately in a CRM system or Excel. This is important in order not to lose customers who did not buy immediately and periodically remind yourself with the help of comments, likes, and other social network functionality to prevent a person from forgetting about your offer.

Writing selling posts

The primary goal in social media is to build a business, so selling posts should take up 20-30 percent of your content. There are several key points that a selling post should consist of. 

According to statistics, selling posts are not read willingly, so you should think of a catchy headline that will attract attention. It is effective to create headlines based on the needs, pains and key tasks of your target audience. In addition, you can fill them with different triggers or create intrigue. 

An obligatory element in a sales post is a call to action. People are more likely to do something if you ask them to do it and do not leave to their own thinking. Therefore, at the end of the post, leave phrases: “Write in Direct“, “Call the number”, “Follow the link”, etc.

Within Instagram, you can build social proof and increase brand credibility with customer reviews and high statistics. In the first stages of promotion, it is effective to buy Instagram followers, likes, comments, and other metrics of activity. As a result, a popular profile keeps attention, people see that brand credibility is confirmed by the majority and convert into customers easier.

Understanding the target audience

It is very important to involve people, who gather around your project, in communication. In such a way, you can better understand their objectives, find out what they want from your product and meet their needs. Communication strengthens relationships and makes your subscribers more loyal to you and your project. 

Moreover, comments on Instagram have a very strong influence on the ranking of content. If your profile has a high involvement rate, social network algorithms understand that your content is interesting and needs to be shown to as many people as possible. For this reason, many people buy real Instagram followers, likes, comments at the initial stages of the promotion and launch the process of organic scaling.

To sum up, if you are currently not satisfied with the result in sales, analyze your work and find weaknesses for which you have low outputs. If you have few applications, you should pay attention to the design of your profile and traffic sources. If you have a lot of applications but few final sales, the reason is in the sales scripts. Instagram sales are a system that requires constant work, but in the long run, it pays off with stable financial results.