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How To Become A Musician In Two Hours

No doubt that music exerts a powerful influence on us. The fact that as soon as you saw the phrase ‘No doubt’ and immediately thought about a famous group proves it. We expose ourselves to music everywhere – in our leisure time: while in the gym or driving to work, as a kind of entertainment: in a club or at a concert, and even during spiritual rituals: when meditating or doing yoga.


Unbelievable properties of music

Music is a fundamental attribute in people’s lives. It is true due to several reasons. First, it is a great emotional agent. We can communicate our feelings through playing melodies that are close to our hearts. We can purify our thoughts or placate emotional fluctuation. Secondly, music has a unique therapeutic effect. It manages stress, reduces anxiety, lowers frustration. Doctors prove that music can act as a natural painkiller – it soothes muscle tension and bone aches. Third, it trains memory, boosts communication skills and enhances performance. No need to mention that it has an impact on our mood and overall well being.

What instrument to choose

So, you have decided to start playing a musical instrument. We believe it is never too late to start. Nevertheless, most of the instruments can be tricky for newbies – at least they require the knowledge of music theory and cords. But there is an instrument that is perfect for beginners! If you do not have any musical background or knowledge and have no wish to hire a tutor – we have a solution for you! You can try a RAV Vast, a tongue drum that is super easy to play. Owners of ravs say two hours were enough to learn to play it!

Benefits of a steel tongue drum RAV Vast

This steel tongue drum is lightweight and compact – you can play it at home or outside in your backyard or in the park. It is rust-resistant and easy to maintain – so rain is not an obstacle if it adds to your atmosphere. It has seven notes that harmonically match each other, so any melody that you create will be beautiful and smooth. Perfect, right? First step you need to take is to choose a scale – the mood of the instrument. RAVs have a variety of them – dreamy and peaceful, cheerful and energetic or even mystical and meditative. We advise starting with a tranquil and calming RAV Vast B Celtic Minor. It was inspired by Celtic culture so that the sound resembles a secret druid forest in spring. You can easily imagine a sonorous forest stream running through the lush greenery with the Sun shining through the leaves. A very magical yet soothing atmosphere.

Ready to play?

Now that you have your RAV in front of you try to tap the notes in random order. Observe, listen and feel the instrument. You can move between them freely or create a triangle and make repetitions to find your own rhythm. The sustain, the length of the note, is long, so you can play slowly, having enough time to decide what step to take next. This is called intuitive playing. Feel the connection and the instrument will feel you.

Enjoy what you do!

Last but not least is the delight. The more open minded and joyous you will be during the process the faster you’ll master the instrument! Let the tongue drum vibrate harmoniously with your soul. If you need some inspiration you can get it from RAV Vast tutorials or search for the source of creativity in your favourite films and singles. Remember, RAV can play it all. While it may take two hours to learn it, it takes just one note to fall in love with it! Good luck!