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Famous Designs and Projects of World Casinos As Well As Online Casinos

How often do you notice the exterior of your favourite restaurant? How about the local market? We seldom consider the outside of places we frequent. Yet, some structures are so unique, so remarkable that they become iconic.


World-renowned structures are instantly recognisable. The Sydney Opera House, The Kremlin, and the Taj Mahal are those types of landmarks. In this article, Nina Olsendburg, an expert from nettcasino will show us exquisite casinos from around the world and discuss some of the psychology involved in the design of these buildings. Then we will look at how the design affects online casinos.

European Edifices

The Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco is an example of classic design meeting high stakes gambling. It is considered by many as the most famous designed casino in the world.. Perfectly manicured grounds and ornate filigree greet you on arrival. Frescoes and Rococo ceilings overlook flawless poker and roulette tables.

The Casino Baden-Baden is another beautiful classic design. For 268 years, this impeccable structure has entertained the wealthy and affluent of Europe. Crowned heads of state, the social elite and the aristocracy of the world have sat at the tables of this remarkable casino. Modelled after the French royal palaces, crystal chandeliers and heavy red drapes add grandeur to this majestic venue.

The Ritz Club of London is a private club that requires a lengthy membership process and a fee of £1,000 for members. For those lucky few who are granted admittance, a strict dress code is required. The sumptuous interior is plush and comfortable and allows lounging for those not at the tables.

World Class Modern Casinos

While lacking the old-world designs of their European counterparts, these casinos are beautiful in a modern sense. From Las Vegas to Macau, these casinos offer innovations and use of technology.

The Venetian Macao boasts 3,400 slot machines, 800 gaming tables, and live, televised sports. The casino covers an enormous 550,000 square feet.

The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas is another home to high-rollers. This trendy, opulent hotel and casino is THE place to be for the hip and jet-setter crowd. It is famous for its three-story bar and glittering chandelier.

Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut is off the beaten path for gamblers. This beautiful modern facility dominates the surrounding landscape. Located in the forest, this casino shines like a beacon. With 6,300 slots and 380 gaming tables, this gleaming oasis of gambling is a gem hidden in the woods.

The world-famous MGM Grand in Las Vegas is a sleek, beautiful edifice. Rebuilt following a horrendous fire in 1980, the MGM Grand has roared back like its symbolic lion. It offers 2,500 slots, 139 tables and a venue with 60 plasma TVs for sports betting.

The Bellagio in Vegas is best known for its synchronised fountains at the entrance. The dome design at the top of the structure resembles a crown, declaring this the royalty of the Vegas strip. At the Bellagio, high stakes poker is played in The Office. This set of poker rooms boast table limits of $4,000 to $8,000. There are also slots for those of us who could only dream of those types of stakes.

The Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is a tribute to European casinos. A replica of St. Mark’s Campanile in Venice adds to the beauty of this five-diamond resort.

You can tell from this sampling; casinos strive for a sense of awe in their design and beauty in their offerings. Now, let us look at the psychology involved in the presentation of casinos and game design.

The Subtlety of Psychology

Have you ever noticed there are no clocks in casinos? Or that there are few if any windows. The psychology behind that is, if you don’t know how long you have been gambling, you will bet longer and spend more.

There is a more subtle element to the psychology applied to the casino design. Colour schemes, sounds, and schematic components such as accessibility all play a role. The more convenient it is to play, the more likely you are to stay and play.

Another element examined is the psychology of lighting. Bright, garish light makes players feel uncomfortable and anxious. Softer light makes them relaxed and content.

Online casinos apply a great deal of psychology to their design as well. Vibrant colour palettes intrigue and invite players and a smooth interface keeps them coming back.

Sounds play another part in both types of casinos. Land-based casinos play soft, relaxing music in the background. The underlying music fills in the gaps. Online casinos use a similar approach, but they use white noise to help players stay focused.

Colour schemes are used to help adjust players’ moods as well. Slots use colours to create urgency, expectation, and euphoria. Textures, fabrics, paint, and carpeting all play a part in land-based casino design psychology. These are mixed to give players a sense of peace, safety and harmony.


As you can see, the design, detail, and decor of a casino is an integral part of the experience and the intent of casinos. A well thought out design can be what makes or breaks any casino, physical or online.